Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why Teach Your Kids the Bible???

As Moses reaches the end of his life, he knows that he will not physically be able to lead the people that he had led faithfully for so long. He knows he is going back to The Lord he had served with all his heart. So Moses did that which God had told him to do when God had supernaturally gave Him the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. As he finished his last sermon to the people of Israel, he told them to take to heart the words that he had spoken to them. He says they are not just "idle words" they are your life. The words were bigger than Moses, and even bigger than Joshua.

Why? Because they are God's words. And Moses told them that if they would live by them, they would live long in the land God was going to give them. The land was a gift God had promised as they left slavery in Egypt. But when they received the precious gift of land filled will milk and honey, they would have to live according to these words if they wanted to continue to prosper.

And one day like Moses, they too would go on to be with their descendants. What would be their legacy? What would they do to pass on what God had taught them? As Moses had said to them in his last sermon, "so that you may command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law." We talk so much about how to parent our kids, but do we teach children to obey God's Word? If it was the key to the Israelites' prosperity, what will be different for us?

There are more and more parenting resources out there for teaching your kids the bible in a way they can understand. If I could be so bold, if we really want them to prosper, what does it say about our trust in God's words if we neglect this duty, this command?

Here is one such resource.

Many parents have enjoyed this adult devotional and now it is offered for kids!

Deuteronomy 32:44-47
44 Moses came with Joshua[a] son of Nun and spoke all the words of this song in the hearing of the people. 45 When Moses finished reciting all these words to all Israel, 46 he said to them, “Take to heart all the words I have solemnly declared to you this day, so that you may command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law. 47 They are not just idle words for you—they are your life. By them you will live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess.”

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